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SendHub and the Mobile First Business Phone

Every ten years or so, the business phone gets re-invented. The last time we saw RingCentral and GrandCentral (later Google Voice), and before that a bunch of IP PBXes like Shoretel.  These were primarily fixed line systems to substitute for your PBX, and to ring at a desk phone or PC.  They have been extended to mobile but are not designed for mobile.

Now SendHub is leading the way for a new generation of Mobile First business phone systems. The mobile handset would be the target phone, not a desk phone or computer. The communication mode would embrace texting and file sharing, not just voice.  The user would be in control of how to be reached.

We have seen a flurry if these deals emerge, a great indication that the time is now.  We invested in the leader of this nascent market, SendHub. We love the team, growth hackers by instinct.  They started with unified messaging in mind, rather than VoIP; and have focused on being the best performing system in call connectivity and quality, rather than lather on features.  (How many of those PBX features have you ever used?)

We love to eat our own dog food, so our new number is a SendHub number, with auto-attendent, transcribed visual voicemail, forwarding to each of our mobile phones, and even a way to dial into our old-fashioned conference room phone.  Try it out: +1-888/750-5563. Ask for James (hit “2”).  Then try it for your business.