Eric Wiesen

General Partner

Eric joined Bullpen in 2015 from RRE Ventures, where he was a General Partner. Current areas of focus include financial services and technology, including the transformation of the real estate, travel and hospitality sectors by technology as well as the consumer dimension of digital health. Much of his investing philosophy and approach is informed by his experiences as a two-time founder, first in the 3D Graphics hardware space and later in the enterprise software/ERP sector. Eric is also an attorney, and practiced in the corporate group at Fenwick & West in Silicon Valley. As an undergraduate, he was an intern in the infamous fall 1995 White House internship class. Eric holds a B.A. from U.C. Berkeley, a J.D. from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Columbia.

Current investments include AvantStay, BentoBox, Beyond Pricing, BlueBoard, Carbon Health, Fanbank, Platejoy, Seriforge, Splitwise, Starcity and Suiteness. Successful prior investments include Bitly (acq: Spectrum Equity), Braintree (acq: PYPL), Flipswap (acq: Hyla Mobile), Hyperpublic (acq: GRPN), Makerbot (acq: SSYS), Sailthru (CampaignMonitor) TapCommerce (acq: TWTR), Singleplatform (acq: CTCT), and Venmo (acq: Braintree). He also sourced or led a number of other investments including Bark & Co., Collective Health, NerdWallet, Paperless Post, and YipitData.

Portfolio Companies